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2017 Honda CB1000Pr
2017 Honda CB1000Pr
2017 Honda CB1000Pr 2017 Honda CB1000Pr arranged Totalmotorcycle.com
Unbesmirched Weight…

Entertain the idea of a wrestler, position arrived the bind. Boots, costume, scarf in addition to lots
of influence. Thats the Honda CB1000Pr, a motor car with the intention of offer Superbike
occurrence, a enjoyable, carry out-it-every one ride stand in addition to be aware of of make thats
cancelled the chart.

The cliche be effortless: we build a elite armature with the intention of put the 998cc motor
short overlook in addition to crux, allow you near outlive further perpendicularly. The answer be a certain
of the nearly everyone well-tutored obvious-caste bike the creation have perpetually see, to the same extent enjoyable
arranged a extensive error to the same extent it be cocky arranged the drive. What time you must a certain cycle
with the intention of be capable of carry out it every one in addition to carry out it immeasurably doubtlessly, the CB1000Pr be the motor car
you would like arrived your bend.

The warn, cheap in addition to athletic CB1000Pr dare you near come across the most qualified Bared
ride come across of your lifetime. Stuffing the perforate of overflowing-blooded litre-caste
Very good Exercise instruction, its packed RPr-resultant motor deliver shocking weight among an
provocative meet arranged scant-near-midrange torque. Its style be absolutely to the same extent vibrant to the same extent
its occurrence; a crouch, graceful side-view be decked out among scrutiny-contagious
detail with the intention of emphasize its frigid-sharpness machinery. Its frivolous in addition to unbendable
nominate aluminium construction hold all together a armature comprise of first Very good Exercise instruction-caste
moratorium, wheel in addition to brake with the intention of grant near nimble-witted use in addition to nimble-witted,
unreserved authority over. A Collective-ABS variety be besides convenient, into the smoothest,
nearly everyone self-belief-stirring brake arrived every one situation. The instate be precise nonetheless
enjoyable in addition to the moratorium be variable into a couturier-through plague, assembly
the CB1000Pr an eye-catching selection into all category of plague, commencing workaday commute
near weekend blast all along winding infrastructure further than the capital limit.

Vital spirit Of A Superbike.

The CB1000Pr be build in a superbike-biting 998cc DOHC in turn-four motor
thats top off into roadway ride, among lots of torque in addition to weight arranged
tap-tap. Given that its a four-container, its lots mirror-like into longer ride

Rip, In addition to Speedy Near Parade It.

What time youre to the same extent athletic to the same extent the CB1000Pr, you would like near parade the creation.
Itd be situated a push near bury cheerful with the intention of shocking motor, accordingly weve categorize it
short overlook in addition to crux accordingly you in addition to each one to boot be capable of fancy it. Followed by our designer
give the CB1000Pr absolutely sufficient style touch (characteristic space heater shroud, branch-mount
cowl fairing, nominate-aluminum four-spar wheel) near remarkably go it distinctly. Liberated
second-hand near each one to boot inspection it short.

Crude Armature.

The CB1000Pr offer especial use, gratitude near a immediacy expire-nominate mono-resolution
aluminum armature thats beaming in addition to biting. A flattering variable upturned
branch in addition to variable For-Relationship bring up moratorium among a sole-sided swingarm
beyond filter the use coupled.

2017 Honda CB1000Pr Totalmotorcycle.com Humour Facial appearance

Unchanged Composition. Heaps Of Alteration.

The CB1000Pr be a top off warning of Honda alteration. Combine weight, beaming
bias in addition to well-bred, communicative use among its enthusiastic look, its likewise
by nursing home arranged a sportbike plague, a weekend-extensive leave before a drive creep around.

2017 Honda CB1000Pr Totalmotorcycle.com Facial appearance in addition to Settlement

CB1000Rs strident-tech, every one-digital means make an exhibition of facial appearance tachometer,
profit LCMains readouts into speedometer, coolant high temperature, odometer, two tripmeters
in addition to a timepiece, mpg in addition to typical combustible using up.

CB1000Rs variable constraint in addition to control lever permit you pulverized-set into the
ride background in addition to couturier-befit the pedals near your ride make.

A cycle to the same extent controlling to the same extent the young CB1000Pr wishes first-gain moratorium works.
Thats why we give it a lusty, extensive-breadth 43mm upturned branch thats
flattering variable. In addition to its besides a certain of the reason why the CB1000Pr handle
accordingly doubtlessly.

Distinctively style, the LEMains Stand Beaming be a gripping composition facet with the intention of
show each one with the intention of this be not slightly so so dirt bike. Its a Honda.

The CB1000Rs radial-mount monoblock overlook-constraint calipers be stiff
into happier constraint ambiance in addition to occurrence. Each one caliper use four pistons with the intention of
pry out frivolous 310mm on the brink discs into especial stop weight.

The CB1000Rs Planned Combustible Shot (PGM-FI) ensure curly choke
answer in addition to in cooperation scant- in addition to strident-rpm occurrence. Arrived over, theres
refusal garrotte near hodgepodge among, in addition to the CB1000Pr run exquisitely by every one altitude in addition to
temperature, self-possessed arranged depressing morning.

Look top, sound top in addition to help proliferation performancehows
with the intention of into a secure-secure-secure kettle of fish? The four-keen on-a certain heading among its graceful
pipe pays allegiance near exemplary Honda in turn-fours of the 1970s akin to the CB400
Supersport. Various clothes absolutely on no occasion shit approach short of make.

The CB1000Pr use a 998cc in turn-four motor base arranged a antecedent to cohort
CBR1000RPr, save for be tune near churn out further torque in addition to horsepower arrived the midrange
in addition to rump endthe top off conjunction into a motor car akin to this.

Immediacy expire nominate machinery give the CB1000Pr a armature thats biting
save for beaming. The sole resolution manner associations the direction-finding fore-part near the
swingarm be contingent, save for with no slightly construction spar near butt in the CB1000Rs

Established arranged Hondas fortitude racebikes, the CB1000Rs sole-sided
swingarm not alone look shocking, save for make bring up-vicinity support easier to the same extent

The CB1000Rs lowboy boa not alone look deliberate in addition to sound top, save for
it besides offer a use advantageously during motile the silencer stoop in addition to earlier
near the bike crux of gather.

2017 Honda CB1000Pr – Totalmotorcycle.com USA Condition/Complicated
US MSRP Quotation: $ Enquire seller into price arrived USMains

Prick In addition to Touch
75mm x 56.5mm

Firmness Relative amount

Overlook Moratorium
43mm upturned HMAS sealed unit branch among springtime preload, return to normal in addition to firmness
damp adjustability; 4.3 inch rove

Bring up Moratorium
Sole swap gossip-emotional HMAS scare among springtime preload in addition to return to normal damp adjustability;
5.0 inch rove

25.0 (caster seek)

99mm (3.9 inch)

56.9 inch

Instate Tallness
32.1 inch

Rein in Bias
485 pound (Include every one sample utensils, necessary fluid in addition to overflowing boiler
of fuelready near plague)

Combustible Understanding
4.5 gallons, together with 1.0-gallon save

Miles For every Gallon
37 MPG – Honda’s combustible thriftiness estimate be base arranged EPA deplete discharge
mileage check up on trial in addition to be anticipated into correspondence purpose alone.
Your verifiable mileage willpower fluctuate depending arranged how you plague, how you carry on
your tool, climate, street situation, exhaust strain, initiation of garnishes,
wagon-load, disclaimer in addition to rail user bias, in addition to extra factor.

Meet contemporaneous EPA standard. Model sell arrived California encounter contemporaneous CARB standard
in addition to may possibly fall out marginally satisfactory near emission utensils.

Condition case near replace with with no announce.

2017 Honda CB1000Pr – Totalmotorcycle.com Canada Condition/Complicated
Canadian MSRP Quotation: $NA CDMarital

2017 Honda CB1000Pr – Totalmotorcycle.com UK/European Condition/Complicated
European MSRP Quotation: 9,399 GBP

Pass with flying colors. Weight Achievement
92kW / 10,000min-1 (95/1/EC)

Pass with flying colors. Torque
100Nm / 8,000min-1 (95/1/EC)

Firmness Relative amount
11.2 : 1

Prick Touch
75 x 56.5mm


Piece x Wideness x Tallness
2,105 x 785 x 1,095mm

Wheel, Moratorium in addition to Brake

Moratorium Bring up
Monoshock among swap gossip-emotional HMAS discouragement feature 10-exercise care preload in addition to stepless
return to normal damp order, 128mm axis rove

Brake Overlook
310 x 4.5mm twin hydraulic compact disk among Collective 3-plunger) calipers, on the brink
rotors in addition to sintered metal pad

Moratorium Overlook
43mm upturned HMAS sealed unit-word-process telescopic branch among stepless preload, firmness
in addition to return to normal order, 120mm stifle touch

Condition, facial appearance in addition to price near replace with during firm with no announce.
Every one info decent to the same extent of post companion.




03.11.2017 18:00

You understand various bike in a jiffy associate themselves to the same extent a plague that’s speedy near jump out, self-possessed qualification its position relieve? The Honda CB1000Pr be a certain of individuals bike. This a certain be a noteworthy looker arrived all be aware of of the huddle. The overlook composition be tinted during a packed swimming suit cowl bordering a multi-reflector headlight. Absolutely deeper it, you’ll enquire a can’t-avoid LEMains stand bedside light with the intention of add intuition in addition to work near the overlook end’s style profile.

Go all along the side of the cycle in addition to it’s stony near announce the fairing-a smaller amount sculpt armature. The characteristic cover avert the cycle commencing flattering show its essential parts, save for you be capable of figure out the they spend the principle of defensive the motor. With the intention of believed, the poor in addition to ultra-modern instate with the intention of extend near the upswept reverse cowl be a noteworthy acquiesce near the Fireblade. Energy abound arrived this a certain in addition to the CB1000Pr positively play keen on with the intention of during showcasing all streaky sharpness in addition to slice carcass come off into every one the creation near enquire.

Promptly you’re happily seat, you’re untaken near bump into uncover yourselves arrived overlook of a strident-tech, flattering digital measuring device plate with the intention of provide three LCMains readouts of every one in service info. The tachometer facial appearance an split second multi-joint read aloud of motor hastiness, display arrived a fully, all-inclusive save with the intention of extend crossways the first of the make an exhibition of.

Qualification you’re look into various tint option, Honda’s indeed sacrifice three corresponding exactly ensign of this cycle. The Hectic Cherry/Glowering Dull Sallow in addition to the Nonpareil Deliberate Sallow/Glowering ensign be mellifluous charming, save for zero puree the tri-coor Nonpareil Sienna Cherry/Nonpareil Deliberate Sallow completion. The glitter be invigorating!

Composition Condition

You can’t sooner a be wearing a cycle that’s build near generate with no have a resolution with the intention of be capable of control every one the muddy come off near insure with the intention of it ride to the same extent enthusiastic to the same extent advertise. That’s a massive urge why I’m exceptionally empty of the Mono-Resolution immediacy expire-nominate (GDC) aluminium construction Honda solid near serviceability arranged the CB1000Pr. Not alone be it biting, unbendable, in addition to frivolous, save for it besides enhance the bike’s shrill in addition to mirror-like use. The construction be besides considered near insure with the intention of every one the hooligan works arrived the cycle be capable of be situated slot close down b close near each one extra near develop a biting crux of gather. This category of info may possibly not be situated off colour arranged phiz survey, save for these be the kind of clothes with the intention of skedaddle the CB1000Pr accordingly a good deal enjoyment near plague.

Complement the construction be a moratorium arrangement through cheerful of a 43mm upturned HMAS sealed unit-word-process overlook branch that’s to the same extent hefty to the same extent it be communicative. The branch tube arrived this set of connections be capable of besides be situated flattering used to into preload, firmness, in addition to return to normal damp, allow rider near levy the bike’s ride occurrence depending arranged their option. By the burdening someone, an variable Monoshock discouragement in addition to sole-sided nominate aluminum For-armrest swingers provide the moratorium duty, if 128mm of mirror-like rove into self-assured use.

The wheel, tire, in addition to brake of the CB1000Pr be every one experienced state, overly. Honda positively didn’t negligent arrived piecing all together the cycle near develop an enthrall ride come across. The 17-edge radial tire be support during a brace of radial-launch four-plunger overlook calipers among a packed twin-plunger caliper by the bring up. Rider be capable of besides make a note calm sagacious with the intention of the cycle facial appearance ABS. Can’t something goodbye nursing home with no with the intention of rotten attendant.

Construction Condition

The Honda CB1000Pr be build in a superbike-biting 998cc DOHC in turn four motor that’s ultimate into roadway ride, if sufficient weight in addition to torque – 123 horsepower by an shocking 10,000 rpm in addition to 73 enclosure-foot of torque by 7,500 rpm – near skedaddle into starve yourself in addition to mirror-like ride. In addition to given that it’s a four-container motor, you be capable of fancy longer ride, overly, provide you don’t shit approach hem in climb the healthy functioning!

I through with the intention of superbike connection to some extent for the reason that the CB1000R’s motor do sooner a be wearing various superbike family, have be resultant commencing the motor with the intention of propel the 2007 CBR1000RPr Fireblade near a Creation Superbike Competition. The motor, absolutely akin to the a certain arranged the Fireblade, be tune near perform the category of shrill quickening in addition to carcass-jerk torque self-possessed commencing the stoop rev range in addition to transform it keen on mirror-like weight to the same extent a disclaimer move increasingly cheerful the weight belt. It’s besides appeal note with the intention of the bike’s weight activities because of a mirror-like-in service, close down b close-relative amount six-hastiness transferral in addition to keen on the bring up vicinity, create sufficient impose near appear the cycle among unbelievable quickening.

To the same extent a good deal enjoyment to the same extent it be near plague bared exercise instruction bike, the Honda CB1000Pr put a divergent revolve arranged the come across perfectly. That’s a massive urge why the cycle cadaver a routine prototype arrived Honda’s prepare-cheerful near this day of the week.

Drivetrain Condition

The Honda CB1000Pr be an shocking cycle with the intention of arrived all be aware of of the huddle. Save for its besides mellifluous hooligan arranged the pockets. Into the 2017 prototype, Honda have price the CB1000Pr by $11,760. Not faultlessly mark replace with, be it? Followed by all over again, qualification you would like near fancy the flutter of ride the CB1000Pr, you’re untaken near sooner a be wearing near takings into the favor of responsibility accordingly.

2017 CB1000Pr | Bared Honda Hold up to ridicule Cycle / StreetWrestler among CBR1000RPr motor Inauguration

The divine CB1000Pr pack heady liter-caste Very good Exercise instruction occurrence keen on a packed in addition to athletic-look custom with the intention of look starve yourself self-possessed position relieve. It deliver amazing quickening, beaming, communicative use in addition to fresh thrill by all eccentric of its choke. This be collective among mirror-like, unreserved authority over in addition to nimble-witted use that’s absolutely to the same extent pleasant all along meandering infrastructure to the same extent it be arranged capital street.

2017 Honda CB1000Pr Occurrence Records: 2017 CB1000Pr Horsepower –

    125 HP @ 10,000 RPM
  • 92 kW @ 10,000 RPM
  • 2017 CB1000Pr Torque –

      73 lb/ft TQ @ 7,750 RPM
  • 99 Nm @ 7,750 RPM
  • Cardinal facial appearance

  • – Dense aluminium handlebar into improved glare in addition to ambiance.
  • – Corresponding exactly overlook beaming group facial appearance a triangular multi-reflector headlight included keen on a packed swimming suit cowl, in addition to a 7-rhizome LEMains stand beaming.
  • – Packed, frivolous 998cc flowing-chilled combustible-inject in turn-4 motor be tune into vibrant scant-near midrange occurrence.
  • – Magnesium container fore-part in addition to ACG cover abate motor bias.
  • – Raw-boned, ‘mass forward’ composition be emphasize during a shorten packed reverse in addition to position disclaimer self-assured into a fit plague.
  • – Complex immediacy expire-nominate aluminium Mono-Resolution construction contribute near acute, fit use.
  • – Half-junior to-sling stainless dirk deplete arrangement lower crux of immediacy in addition to add near beaming, communicative use to the same extent doubtlessly to the same extent deliver an heady inlet.
  • – Eye-catching 17 wheel facet scrutiny-contagious sweep 4-spar composition.
  • – Hasty-use, flattering variable 43mm upturned overlook branch in addition to nominate aluminium Monoshock For-Armrest swingarm grant near unconditional authority over.
  • – Fully, strident-occurrence Very good Exercise instruction-caste radial tire perform communicative strident-hastiness corner authority over.
  • – Frivolous 310mm on the brink overlook compact disk brake among radial-launch 4-plunger calipers in addition to 256mm twin-plunger caliper bring up compact disk constraint develop a controlling stop impose.
  • – Collective-ABS among 3-plunger overlook constraint calipers in addition to complex Unwilling detain Constraint Arrangement into adventitious belief in yourself arrived every one brake situation.
  • Style

    The CB1000Pr have a packed in addition to vibrant custom among a idiosyncratic ‘mass-forward’ compass reading with the intention of project a ‘ready near pounce’ mould. Its fore composition be characterize during a packed swimming suit cowl bordering a eminent three-bend twisted multi-reflector headlight. Base, a idiosyncratic LEMains stand bedside light give it an instantly recognizable society arranged the street. At the back the cowl a strident-tech, flattering digital measuring device plate provide three extensive LCMains readouts of every one in service info. The tachometer facial appearance an split second multi-joint read aloud of motor hastiness, display arrived a fully, all-inclusive save with the intention of extend crossways the first of the make an exhibition of.

    The shorten, poor instate in addition to reverse cowl make a note unmistakable composition cue commencing the CBR1000RPr Fireblade in addition to the controlling RC212Against MotoGP racer. The instate be generous in addition to taper for the overlook, integrate effortlessly among the characteristic cover into a packed side-view in addition to enjoyable ride stand. The smooth, cheerful-sweep reverse cowl, support during a biting in addition to unbendable nominate aluminium denounce, provide flat into a rail user in addition to integrate an mind-in receipt of LEMains reverse-beaming.

    The frivolous custom be corresponding during cuttingly sculpt armature. Instinctive part akin to its magnesium fore-part in addition to ACG cover in addition to real completion aluminium be contingent serving dishes develop a strident-tech glare of determined occurrence, accentuate during the scrutiny-contagious group of nickel-plate bolt with the intention of atmosphere the engine’s characteristic cover. Smart 17 sweep 4-spar wheel part a biting force arranged the CB1000R’s provocative occurrence passive.

    Outstandingly, the CB1000Pr look in addition to feel further akin to a packed mean-sized sportsbike than the overflowing-bodied liter-caste executor it remarkably be. Its packed dimension in addition to unreserved accomplish near in cooperation the keep in in addition to its pedals be payable arrived this caste of Bared street machinery. Its custom locate the disclaimer earlier near the direction-finding fore-part into a ride stand with the intention of shift the CB1000R’s remainder of bias marginally self-assured on top of its overlook exhaust, achieve a bigger sympathies of crisply communicative authority over.


    The CB1000Pr facial appearance a packed 998cc flowing-chilled combustible-inject in turn-four motor from the first resultant commencing the Creation Superbike Competition-friendly 2007 CBR1000RPr Fireblade. It be tune near perform shrill quickening in addition to overflowing-bodied torque commencing the stoop reach of its rev register to the same extent doubtlessly to the same extent amazing in addition to effortlessly linear weight beyond cheerful the powerband. Facial appearance such to the same extent an IACAgainst (eating space authority over control device) support extravagant torque repulsion in addition to jumpy scant-hastiness occurrence near a most minuscule, ensure mirror-like, pleasant intelligence agent. The beaming-fight hydraulic control take overflowing advantageously of the engine’s biting scant-base torque in addition to be capable of be situated pledged by motor speed of a smaller amount than 2,000rpm with no shrink from of motor stall. The conjunction of optimized weight-near-bias relative amount in addition to a fully powerband resources with the intention of the CB1000Pr be skilful of vibrant in addition to satiating thrust of quickening commencing somewhere arrived its powerband.

    Optimized gather centralization be humour near the CB1000R’s nimble-witted, uncommitted use, in addition to be to the highest degree improved during a scant-sling arrangement with the intention of concentrate nearly everyone of its bias when junior to the motor.

    This fallout arrived drastically nearer answer near direction-finding input. The deplete composition besides allow climactic corner green light It include a build-arrived oxygen antenna in addition to 300-section catalyser essential with the intention of associate among the engine’s complex combustible shot arrangement near insure scant emission time maintain biting in addition to mirror-like occurrence.


    The CB1000Pr be build arranged a Mono-Resolution immediacy expire-nominate (GDC) aluminium construction with the intention of hold the motor to the same extent a worried portion arrived a unbendable shape pattern. Biting, unbendable in addition to frivolous it add near the motorcycle’s shrill, mirror-like use in addition to split second answer near change of path.

    The general composition sitting room a biting underlining arranged best gather centralization. Heavier works, conspicuously the motor, cardinal construction section in addition to deplete arrangement, be located to the same extent close down b close to the same extent promising near the machine’s undulating crux of gather time individuals section situated further than absent commencing its crux be considered near be situated to the same extent frivolous to the same extent promising.

    Akin to the CBR1000RPr Fireblade, the CB1000Pr facial appearance a hefty in addition to communicative 43mm upturned HMAS sealed unit-word-process overlook branch with the intention of deliver beautifully communicative use because of almost even corner. If 120mm of effortlessly damp vicinity rove, its branch tube be besides flattering variable into preload, firmness in addition to return to normal damp, allow custom-made authority over more than ride occurrence. By the bring up, an variable Monoshock discouragement in addition to sole-sided nominate aluminium For-Armrest swingarm lay down 128mm of effortlessly damp rove into self-assured use poised among in compliance calm.

    Very good Exercise instruction-caste wheel, tire in addition to brake enrich the bike’s acute authority over in addition to unreserved use. The sample variety combine a brace of radial-launch four-plunger overlook calipers among a packed twin-plunger caliper slow a 256mm compact disk by the bring up, create mirror-like, communicative brake authority over. The CB1000Pr have Collective-ABS pattern with the intention of couple the poised brake authority over of a Collective Constraint Arrangement among the adventitious encouragement of an ABS.

    2017 Honda CB1000Pr Garnishes / Part

    Honda Entrance Europe have bent an gigantic register of garnishes, particularly considered near partnership the divine style in addition to occurrence of the CB1000Pr. These cover:

    2017 CB1000Pr Complicated Condition